Thursday, November 10, 2011

Akash - The Cheapest Tablet PC and India's Vidya Saham

The Government of India launched Akash, the cheapest Tablet PC  on October 5 th 2011. This is the cheapest Tablet PC not only in the India but also world wide. 

Refer to the wiki link given above for more details. The Tablet PC has been launched to link about 25,000 colleges and 400 Universities  in an e learning programme.

Significantly, Jupiter is passing over the Vidya Saham on 8 th of October,2011 while the Tablet has been launched on 5 th of the month. Sun is the lord of Fourth house which shows Education.

At the time of the transit, Retrograde Jupiter has a 80% aspect on the natal A4 and 90% on the natal Sun who is the fourth lord.

In the Independance chart,Jupiter is the lord of 8 th and 11th houses. Jupiter does not have the Ashtamaadhipathya dosha and moreover by being the lord of the 8 th house signifies inventions and discoveries.