Thursday, February 9, 2012

Natural Calamities - India - 2011 - Gujarat Earth Quake

2011 Gujarat earthquake (Gujarati: 2011 ગુજરાત ભૂકંપ;Hindi: 2011 गुजरात भूकंप) was a magnitude 5.3 (Mw) moderate earthquake[1] epicentered at Bhuj, Gujarat, India at around 22:48 IST. The earthquake centered within Bhuj area of Gujarat, which was hit by one of India's worst quakes in history 10 years ago. Tremors were felt in Surat, Ahmedabad, Amreli, and Junagadh areas of Gujarat and also in certain parts of Mumbai.[2]


The magnitude 5.3 (Mw) earthquake occurred inland at 18:10 IST on 20 October 2011 in Saurashtra region of Gujarat, at about 38 km (23 mi) from south of Junagadh. The depth of the quake was 15.5 km. Earthquake was felt for 25 seconds in Junagadh resulting in people rushed out of their homes in panic.[3] There were few utter chaos in Talala, as the entire city got plunged into darkness following a power outage caused by the quake.[2]
No casualty was recorded immediate to the quake.

Observations on Planetary Alignments

In Rasi:
Saturn was in 26 Virgo and earthy sign and is about to transit into Libra on 15th November.
Mars, the Bhoomi karaka debilitated and at 24 Cancer
Ketu debilitated at 21 Taurus which is again a earthy sign

In Khavedamsa :
Saturn at 29 Virgo an earthy sign

In Trimsamsa :
Rahu/Ketu and Mars are in Capricorn which is an earthy sign

Ashtakavarga : Eigth house Scorpio has only 21 SAV at the time

Amsas :
D60 Debilitated Mars in Pureeshakamsa. Saturn in Bhrashtamsa