Monday, June 18, 2012

Results of Planets in Uttara Phalguni

Sun in Uttara - Zeal,Eloquence,Good position,Writing skills,Interest in Theology,Feminine Physique,Frequent ill health
Mars in Uttara - Poverty,Frequent travels,good wife,medical profession,low success,low familial happiness
Mercury in Uttara - proficient in Accounting,expert in Astrology and Astronomy,writing books on religion,Transferable job
Jupiter in Uttara - Speculation,many friends,heart trouble,girl children,rich spouse even born in poverty
Venus in Uttara - Income through Women,Beautiful wife,Marital bliss,Agriculture,illicit relations with other women,unexpected changes
Saturn in Uttara - Job in foreign countries,interest in Yantra,tantra and mantra,childlessness,dissatisfaction
Rahu in Uttara - Mishaps in Travels,high aspirations,lacks marital comforts,late marriage,not good for maternal uncle,Physical disability
Ketu in Uttara - Asthma,retaliatory mentality,knowledgeable,expert in tantra and astrology,losses in business