Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bhrigu Bindu And Timing of Events

Bhrigu Bindu is an imaginary midpoint of the Rahu - Moon axis and is calculated by deducting the longitude of Rahu from that of Moon.The difference is divided by 2.The Quotient obtained should be added to Rahu's position and the result will be the Rahu-Moon midpoint and is called Bhrigu Bindu.

When any planet,benefic or malefic in transit aspects or conjuncts the Bhrigu Bindu,positive or negative  results are to be expected respectively. Conjunctions over this point are more effective than those by aspect.

Jupiter while transiting over Bhrigu Bindu results in progress in studies,obtaining employment,marraige,child birth,profits and expansion in business,piligrimage,recovery from sickness and fulfillment of long cherished desires.

Fast moving benefic planets like Mercury,Venus transiting over the Brigu Bindu  result in meetings with relations after long time,small gains of wealth,short piligrimages,festivities and enjoyments with relatives and the like.

Saturn while transiting over Bhrigu Bindu will produce unfavourable results such as long sickness,disagreement with spouse,sickness to spouse,sudden loss of wealth,death of near relations and one's own death provided it is indicated by other factors too (like vimshottarai dasa etc)
Fast moving Malefic planets like Mars and Sun will cause unfavourable results such as minor sickness,injury,temporary separation from near relatives,loss of money,quarrels or misunderstandings etc.

The Transit of Rahu/ketu over the Bhrigu Bindu will cause unfavourable results all of a sudden,on a very big scale and from unexpected sources.Bite by snakes or venomouse insects,mental suffering,trouble from government authorities like Income tax and enforcement department etc,theft of valuables,harassment,degradation or termination in service,family troubles,misunderstandings with wife or husband.

When more planets transit over the Bhrigu Bindu transit simultaneously over or aspect this point the effects are magnifies the benefic or malefic results to a very great extent depending on the nature of planets conjoining/aspecting.

The duration of the effects would prevail during the time the planets conjunct/aspect the point  within 3 degrees 20 minutes ( one Navamsa) around the Bhrigu Bindu. Maximum impact would be at the time immediately after the planet crosses over the Point.