Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Saturn - Rahu Conjunction

The Nodes Rahu/Ketu are changing signs from the evening of 14 th of January into Libra/Aries respectively and would transit over the signs for a period of One and half years from then . The significance of this transit is the conjunction of Rahu with Saturn in Libra in September, 2013.

Following are the dates of  previous conjunctions of the two :
June 5 2002 in Taurus , 21 Jan 1991 in Capricorn,July 8 1979 in Leo,May 1 1968 in Pisces,8th October 1956 in Scorpio,28 th May 1945 in Gemini,12 th Feb 1934 in Capricorn,16th July 1922 in Virgo,May 3 rd 1911 in Aries,November 2 ,1899 in Scorpio,May 25,1888 in Cancer,28 Feb , 1877 in Aquarius,27 July 1865 in Libra.

Frequency of the Conjunction : Saturn Rahu come into conjunction every 12 years approximately.

But the previous conjunction of these two  happened in Libra in the year 1865 ,i.e about 147 years back.

The study of and sharing of What would be the effect of the conjunction on the world and what would be the effect of the same on individuals is the context of this writeup.

Date of Exact Conjunction: 17th September,2013 in the constellation of  Swati owned by Rahu 

Varahamihira in Brihat Samhitha : The Text says, Transit of Saturn in Swati results in Troubles to the people of Magadha,to scents,news carriers,to charioteers,to navigators,and to dancers.

Varahamihira's Koorma Chakra : As per the classification,Swati Constellation represents the south west regions of any country 

 It is said  सनि वद राहु कुज वद केतु . which means Rahu acts in the same way as Saturn and Ketu acts in the same way as Mars. More over,as Both Rahu and Ketu are chayaa grahas (Shadowy planets) they give results of the planet which aspects or influences them. Here in this case, as Rahu is going conjunct with Saturn ,   Rahu too should act like Saturn thereby enhancing the effects of Saturn in Libra.During the period the two are conjunct,we can expect the double impact of Saturn to result. 

Significations of the Sign Libra : Libra is the Seventh sign of the Zodiac owned by Venus. It is an Vayu tatwa(airy) sign and a Chara (moveable) rasi.The sign Libra denotes trade and sensual emotions.Libra rules black gram,barley,wheat and mustard.

Countries and Cities signified by Libra :
Countries : Austria, Indo-China, China, Tibet, Borders of Caspain, Upper Egypt, Savoy, North China, Livonia, Burma, Argentina, Japan, Massachusetts and vicinity
Cities: Antwerp, Charleston, Frankfort, Fribourg, Gaeta, Placenza, Spires, Vienna, Lisbon, Johannesburg, Copenhagen, Middleton ,Leeds, Nottingham

Significations of Saturn:Laziness, Obstruction; Horse; Elephant; Skin (nerves, tendons and ligaments); Gain; Witness; Distress; Sickness; Misunderstanding; Misery; Death; Happiness Through A Woman; Maid Servant; Asses And Mules; Outcast; One With Disfigured Limbs; Haunting Woods; Handsome Look; Gift; A Lord; A Portion Of Life; Enunch; One Born Of The Lowest Caste; Birds; A Servile Duty; Unrighteous Conduct; One Without Manliness; Telling Lies; Long Lasting; Wind; Old Age; Tendons And Muscles; Strong At The End Of The Day; Sisira Ritu (Winter); Great Anger; Exertion; Born Of A Very Low Mother; Bastard; Golaka (abode of lord Krsna); Dirty Clothes And House; Wicked Mind; Friendship With The Wicked; Black Colour; Evil; Cruelty; Ashes; Black Grains; Gems; Iron; Nobility; A Year; Sudra; One Representing The Father; Learning The Trade Of Another Class; Crippled; Sharp; A Blanket; Facing West; Life Saving Drugs; Downward Look; Agriculture; Life Saving Drugs; Arsenal; A Student Belonging To Another Caste; External Position; North-Eastern; Serpent World; Downfall; Lost in Battle; Wandering; A Spear; Lead; Misdirected Strength; A Turk; Worn Out; Oil; The Tamas Guna; Travelling Through Forests and Over Mountains; Hard-Heartedness; Fear; Long Standing Distress; Hunter; Ugly Hair; Entire Sovereignty; Alarm; Goats And The Like; Buffalos And The Like; Indulging In Sex Pleasure; Dressing Oneself For Amorous Appeals; Worshipping God Yama; Dog; Theft And; Cruel-Hearted

Significations of Rahu : Umbrella; Kingdom; Gathering; Fallacious Argument; Hurting By Speech; Downcast; Wicked Woman; An Irreligious Man; Decorated Vehicle; Gambling; Strong At Twilight; Intriguing With A Wicked Woman; Going Abroad; Impurity; Bone; Enlargement Of Spleen; Falsehood; Downward Look; Perplexity; Emerald; Facing The Southern Quarter; Shelter Of Outcast Or Low People; Painful Swelling; A Big Forest; Wandering In Rugged Places; Mountain; Pain; Staying Outside; Tending Towards Southwest; Wind; Phlegm; Sorrow; Serpent; Night Breeze; Sharp; Long; Reptile; Reading Of Dreams; Travel; A Muhurta; Old Age; A Vehicle; World Of Serpents; Mother; Father Or Maternal Grandfather; Air; An Acute Or Sharp Pain; Catarrh; Breathing; Great Prowess; Forest; Worshipper Of Goddess Durga; Wickedness; Cohabitation With Quadrupeds; Urdu Script; Harsh Words.Rahu signifies Accidents,Mysteries.
Rahu is a karaka, or indicator, of worldly desire, fame, greed, high intelligence, manipulation, obsessive behavior, foreigners, mass disease, dementia and inertia.
Rahu is a legendary master of deception who signifies cheaters, pleasure seekers, operators in foreign lands, drug dealers, poison dealers, insincere & immoral acts,etc.

Mundane Effects of the Conjunction : We are already seeing the turmoil going on in Tibet for independence. Buddhists are immolating themselves for the cause of independence. Japan is currently involved in the senkaku islands dispute.In the elections held recently,the ruling party has been defeated and the Liberal Democratic party was voted into power. 

After Rahu moves over into Libra the Saturn impact doubles bringing about immense changes in the countries signified by Libra and Saturn.

Prices of  oils, black gram,barley,wheat and mustard would increase. Hoarding of these items happens. Middlemen would have their sway over these items.

The Countries signified by Libra would experience shortage of life saving drugs.

Mysterious airborne diseases spread in some of these countries.Pharmaceutical industry would see a boom.

Urdu script undergoes changes. There will be prolonged winter.Actors would be cheated.Some Scandals related to actors would come to light.

Prices of Iron,Black gram would increase. Drug patent laws would undergo changes. Some of the patents would be illegally used.

Exalted Saturn afflicted by Rahu shows the death of a mass leader being killed in a coup. 

There would be more of air plane crashes.Leaders of nations need to be alert in this regard.  

Heavy snowfall effects the aviation industry causing losses.

The economies in Japan,China,Burma would be negatively effected by the conjunction.

The Conjunction results in an increase in the sexual perversions among people. 

Dressing sense of people undergoes drastic changes.Laws regarding the news channels would undergo changes. There would be censor of these channels. 

Disputable laws would be enacted.
To be Continued...