Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Saturn's transit in Dhanu Rasi - Effects on various Raasis - Mithuna

Mithuna rasi natives will have Saturn transiting in their 7th house from their natal moon and will be Tamra moorthy all of this year which is not too encouraging.Saturn in Sagittarius will be in a neutral sign.
Any relations formed now will take time to mature.Relations will take time deepen for these natives during this period. 

Saturn in the 7th house from the natal moon aspects the 9th house which is its own sign this aspect makes the native more fortunate during this period.

The natives will have keen interest in religion now. There will be happiness through wife and children.

When Saturn transits between 6 deg 40 min and 20 deg the most of the natives of Mithuna rasi will get oppurtunities from abroad as Saturn will be aspecting Ardra, the constellation of Rahu.If there is a promise in the natal chart, the natives will get a good break abroad.

Saturn in the sign between 0 deg and 6deg 40 min will give good success to the elder brother of the native.

There might be some health problems to the spouse of native when Saturn transits moola.

Saturn while transiting in Poorvashadha may cause a temporary separation in marraige which may be involuntary.

Father of the native will have successful time during this transit of Saturn.

As the Saturn projects an aspect to the fourth house from the natal moon, Students will have a better time during this transit.

The aspect of Saturn on the fourth house may also negatively effect heart patients.

Mother of the native may have some negative impact. Relations with her might not be very congenial.

Real estate transactions should be done with care during this time.

Saturn's ashtakavarga score will matter much to come to conclusions always. If Saturn is with a strength of 4 or more BAV  and with a score of 28 or more SAV, then there will not be much negative effects.

If you are facing any negative effects of this transit. Perform Rudrabhisheka regularly, visit Lord Shiva temple regularly.