Friday, August 12, 2016

The Confession of an Uranian - Donald Trump

Donald Trump again proves he is thoroughly an Uranian personality with this confession(Click on the link : Shifting tone, Donald Trump entertains the notion he could lose ) no one does, this much before the election. With more and more Republican voters coming into the open that they will not support their own candidate,The US Presidential election SEEMS to be almost tilting in favour of Hillary Clinton irreversibly.

This confession is sure the result of Jupiter's transit into Virgo, his second house of speech, from his Leo Lagna and is lending an aspect to his 5th house of attitude from his natal moon !!!
The cosmic powers up above will always have a bigger discretion and say in the earthly matters.They have sure planned a more interesting drama ahead. Awaiting to see what happens after the 13th, when Saturn turns direct.
Though he says he will continue to speak as radical as always, his speeches will not be so flamboyant or aggressive henceforth as the Transiting Saturn(Direct) lending an aspect to his natal Uranus is sure to have a soothing effect on his general Uranian nature slowing him down and more so with Jupiter in his second house from lagna.His winning chances might take an upward turn from now
But the EXTREMELY weak Saturn in his Horoscope will sure make his efforts come to a fail in the end!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A simple Ashtaka varga Technique which is worth testing

How a particular dasa is going to be is a most asked about question to astrologers. There are many techniques/pointers and strengths,placement of the dasa lord, Dasa Pravesha chakra and other pointers which have to be checked to determine how a Maha dasa is going to be for a particular native.

I believe a simple Ashtakavarga technique throws light on how a dasa is going to be.Though this has to be even more widely tested, i feel the Bhinnashtaka varga strength of the Maha dasa lord in various bhavas from Tanu Bhava to the Vyaya Bhava may give a clue as to how that bhava significations would benefit or suffer during the period of that Maha dasa. This also applies to the antardasa lord.

See the Bhinnashtakavarga strength of the Maha dasa lord in a particular house/Bhava. If the strength of the Dasa lord is more than 4 in that Bhava, significations of that bhava will be positive throughout that dasa.If it is not the case then the significations of that bhava suffer. Like wise Antardasa lord too.

If both the Dasa lord and Antardasa lord have more than 4 BAV points in a particular bhava, then that bhava will sure get a boost in that Dasa-Antardasa.

This may be applied to Divisional charts too.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Mystery of Missing Aircrafts - Uranus,Neptune and Rahu/Ketu

The Malaysian aircraft MH 370 went missing on 8th of March,2014. Wreckage of the aircraft was not found till date . What exactly happened to the aircraft and what is the reason behind its crash is still in speculation !!!
Now, Flight no AN-32 went missing on 22nd July with 29 people on board and despite massive search operations nothing was found till date!!! despite there being no perceivable obstructions to the search operations like bad weather,storms and the like.
Uranus,the planet of aviation, in the watery sign of Pisces and Neptune,the planet of oceans and seas in the airy sign of Aquarius, should be the prime reason for these mysterious missings.Moreover, Neptune is currently transiting in the constellation of Satabhisha, owned by Rahu!!! and close to the Rahu-Ketu axis.

This is the play of Rahu-Ketu. Intriguing Mystery is sure in the AIR !!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Uranus starts new cycle of the Zodiac!!! lets get ready for the ride !!!

It is sure surprising to see the result of referendum in UK being  announced Just a few hours before Uranus was to start its new cycle of the Zodiac. The planet entered the sign Aries on 26th of June while the result of the referendum was announced on the 24th of June.
The result of the referendum has huge implication firstly on the European union and Globally too.Ingress of Uranus into Aries and the close conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu has combinedly started a new phase in the world economy.
Aries is widely accepted by Mundane astrologers as the sign of United Kingdom and the three signs starting from Aries are assigned to European countries.
France,Germany,Switzerland,Denmark,Syria and part of Poland are all related to ARIES.
I believe more countries will follow UK and make the conglomeration dormant in the coming few years !!!
The transit of Uranus in these signs in the coming years effects the European continent politically. There will be drastic changes in the thinking patterns of the people of these countries. Governments will be toppled and voting trends of the people will sure undergo radical changes
There will be new inventions and also rebellions. There will be religious eccentricity too.People will balk at traditional ideologies.
In the Indian context, Uranus in the 12th house from the Taurus lagna is the cause of the latest surge of unrest in Kashmir. This transit of Uranus in Aries and then in Taurus is alarming and might result in Kashmir being seperated from the India anytime shortly after 2024 !!!
Lets get ready for the ride !!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Determining number of siblings - Clues from various classics

Jataka Parijatha says the number of strong planets that oocupy the third house or associate with or project aspects to the owner of the house its karaka or the house would be the number of siblings. This is the basic method which gives good results and can also be used to determine the number of children and other relatives too.

There are other methods too to determine the number of siblings. Vaidyanath in Jathakaparijatha says that the number of planets in the eleventh and twelth house would be the number of elder siblings and the number of planets in the second and third houses say about the number of younger siblings.

According to Bhava Chandrika , strongest of Mars and the owner of the occupant of the third house has to be determined and the number of dwadasamsas it has traversed in the sign it occupies would indicate about the number of siblings of the individual.

According to Satya Jatakam, Cusp of the third house has to be determined first and see the number of Navamsas the cusp has crossed.The number of Navamsas would be the number of siblings.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Amavasya of 4th June 2016

Combust Venus, Sun and Moon in Taurus are in opposition to the Saturn-Mars (both retrograde) combination in Scorpio.
Be ready for some untoward happennings in the country around the time of Amavasya on the 4th of June.
We may see the demise of a famous politician, a terrorist blast (using a vehicle) in the capital or a big terrorist encounter and clashes between general public and the Government which may lead to firing!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Donald Trump and his extremely weak Saturn

 Astro data Bank gives Authentic Birth details of Donald Trump based on his birth certificate. Born on 14.06.1946 at 10.54am in Jamaica,NewYork he has lagna in leo.
Lagna Lord is the Kingly planet Sun who is extremely strong and is in the 10th house of Profession and Status. The Bhagyadhipati Mars is in the lagna and a retrograde Jupiter in the second house make him extremely fortunate, wealthly and also a good speaker.
What is peculiar in his horoscope is the placement of the rebellious,freedom seeking Uranus in the 10th house. This placement makes him a free thinker without any preconcieved notions, and makes him quite a rebellious natured personality. With this placement of Uranus, people do not accept him readily, though he is himself convinced and stubborn about what he thinks and does.
Another peculiar feature of his horoscope is the placement of Saturn in a sandhi between Mithuna and Karkataka.This Saturn is in his 12th house of Vyaya and is extremely weak.
Saturn denotes democracy,the general public,longevity and determination/Sankalpa bala.
To come to power in a democratic setup, both the Kingly planet Sun and the planet of masses Saturn should be equally strong !!! While in his case it is not so.
I believe he can never ever head a democratic country. He will sure face rejection from the masses always.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016