Friday, March 30, 2018

The Saturn - Mars Conjunction 2018

A turbulent phase is starting in few hours.That is the Conjunction of two greatest malefics, Mars and Saturn in the fire Sign of Sagittarius.
Mars is the doer and Saturn is the stopper.
Passions and emotions run high but are mostly suppressed. These emotions find expression after Mars enters Capricorn in the early hours of 30th April. People with Lagnas or Moon signs in Aries,Scorpio,Leo,Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are prone to head aches and changes in their Blood Pressure.
Aries people need to be careful about their travel plans especially piligrimages. Becareful not to go to any crowded religious places.
Leo people should be cautious about their children, their investment plans.
Sagittarius people should be careful while dealing with cookers, Ovens and any electrical/fire appliances
Scorpio need to be careful about what they speak what they eat. There is a possibility they would suffer after consuming stale food or that which causes them allergies. They better not eat any non vegetarian food from outside.
Capricorn people need to be careful about their expenses, long distance travel plans. They should take more care of their health.These people might suffer from Insomnia. They Should be cautious while driving.
In general :
There might be mishaps at religious places. Avoid going to crowded religious places for atleast one month from now. There might be incidents of Bank Robberies by armed men. Nuclear tests might be conducted rising concerns.
Tensions will run high in countries like Israel, Palestine, Iran and Iraq. There will be war like situations.Satellite launches may go wrong in this time.A mass leader may pass away.Judgements passed now in supreme court/High court may face public criticism. There might be mishaps due to terrorist activity near courts.
Remedies : Chanting Hanuman chalisa and Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra, chanting Manyu Sookta parayana will help ward off all ill effects. Performing Rudra Homam will also help to ward off all negative effects

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Babu Gogineni and his atheism

Babu Gogineni is the man in news channels these days. Every day some or the other TV Channel is telecasting his interviews and Youtube is full of his videos. He is an atheist and a self styled humanist.
He is aggressively propagating against astrology and religious mal practices bashing left and right the practitioners of astrology and spiritual/ religious gurus questioning the rationale behind their practices and beliefs.
He looks much younger than his age, seems to be very soft spoken but at the same time explains his beliefs backed by rational logic and findings with utmost conviction. His face shows some feminine features with a touch of venusian handsomeness.His voice and the way he talks reflect the mercurian influence on him.
Wikipedia gives his date of birth to be 14 th April 1968. The above mentioned facial features of his say he should be of Kanya lagna/Virgo Ascendant. He should have been born around 5 pm on 14th April 1968.
Sun the Atma karaka in a sandhi between Pices and Aries speaks volumes about he being an atheist. Jupiter( lord of the natural 9th house of religion) in the 12th house to the Virgo Ascendant sure makes him a non believer of God.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lunar Eclipse 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse is happenning in the sign of Cancer on the 31st oLUf January. The eclipse is happenning in the constellation of aslesha on the 20th degree of watery cancer sign.
Six planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Ketu) will heavily influence both Capricorn and Cancer to bring few sleepless nights for those born in these signs.
No doubt people of Karka rasi will feel emotionally trapped.
February 2018 will be testing time (psychologically) for people born in ascendants and moon signs of Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius.
If you are born with Moon conjunct Ketu or Rahu, do not attempt swimming or diving into water during this month.
If you are born with Moon in Aslesha, Jyeshta or Revati constellations, or going through Mercury (Budha) Dasa, then expect major changes in life within 2 weeks.
If you are born under Cancer Moon sign or Ascendant or going through Moon Dasa, then it is time to take care of your money, health and relationships.
Expect good days for people born in ascendants and moon signs of Libra, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius.
For others, effects will be neutral.
on a mundane level sea shores, Oceans, rivers,lakes will be under the influence of Rahu . There may be some accidents at watery bodies around this time. Some areas will be effected by flash floods. keep away from swimming.

Clues about Birth time rectification

If  for a native the exact birth time is not known for deriving the lagna, dates of some important life events are used to match with the dasa and antardasa running at the time and we try to estimate the lagna.

In addition to matching the life events of the native, horoscope of the brothers, sisters, parents and children whose accurate birth time is available will help in fixing the lagna of the native. In this regard i can say there will sure be a common point in the horoscope of the family members. Like for example, placement of Rahu- Ketu. If one of the coborns has Rahu-Ketu axis in the lagna, then in all probability the native whose lagna is to be identified also will have the same feature of having the RK axis in the lagna. It is not necessary that the lagna is the same for both. But placement of RK axis in lagna may be the common feature in all probability.

It will be more helpful if we have more horoscope of the family members with accurate birth details. The one whose birth time is to  be fixed can be done using these. Looking for common features in family horoscopes and matching the dasa and antardasa will sure help in fixing the birth time.

Snap shot Clue for knowing about the nature of the person

Happy Ratha Saptami to you all. 

Knowing about the innate nature of the person whose chart is under study is one of the major aspects astrologers face. 

Is there a snap shot clue which reveals about the nature and charecteristics of the person ???  This technique may be used only when accurate birth time of the native is available. The Shastyamsa in which Sun, the naisargika atma karaka is, reveals much about the person. Following are the 60 shatiamshas

1. Ghora, 2. Rakshasa, 3. Deva, 4. Kubera, 5. Yaksha, 6. Kinnara, 7. Bhrashta, 8. Kulaghna, 9. Garala, 10. Vahni, 11. Maya, 12. Purishaka, 13. Apampathi, 14. Marutwan, 15. Kaala, 16. Sarpa, 17. Amrit, 18. Indu, 19. Mridu, 20. Komala, 21. Heramba, 22. Brahma, 23. Vishnu, 24. Maheshwara, 25. Deva, 26. Ardra, 27. Kalinas, 28. Kshitees, 29. Kamalakar, 30. Gulika, 31. Mrityu, 32. Kaala, 33. Davagni, 34. Ghora, 35. Yama, 36 Kantaka, 37. Suddha, 38. Amrita, 39. Purnachandra, 40. Vishadagdha, 41. Kulanasa, 42. Vamshakshaya, 43. Utpata, 44. Kaala, 45. Saumya, 46. Komala, 47. Sheetala, 48. Karaladamshtra, 49. Candramukhi, 50. Praveen, 51. Kaalpavak, 52. Dhannayudh, 53. Nirmala, 54. Saumya, 55. Krura, 56. Atisheetala, 57. Amrita, 58. Payodhi, 59. Brahman, 60. Chandrarekha (InduRekha)

Taking the literal meanings of the names gives an insight into the nature of the person.

For example : If the Sun of a native is in Vishnu Shastiamsa, the native will be a pious and a good hearted person. If the Sun is in Maheswara shastiamsa, the native will be mostly calm and when situation requires he will be capable of destructing his enemies. If the Sun is in Kinnara Shastiamsa, the native will be fond of music and will be a singer. If the Sun is in Kubera Shastiamsa, the native will be born rich. If the Sun is in Purishaka shastiamsa, the native will be a dealer in recyclable goods such as plastics and papers. If the Sun is in Chandra Rekha shastiamsa , the native will be very beautiful and will be a very good natured person. If the Sun is in Saumya , the native will be of a pleasant disposition not harming or hurting any one. 

Like wise other Shastiamsas are to be studied for knowing the nature of the person.

In addition to the study of the Shastiamsa of Sun, the Sarvaashtakavarga strength of the lagna , the nature of Lagna and the lagna lord his placement and planets aspecting the lagna lord give indepth insight about the person.

A High Sarvaashtakavarga(SAV) strength of the lagna for ex:- 35-40 tells that the person is a strong willed, of good intelligence and attitude, of good longevity. Like wise Low benefic SAV strength of  the lagna will reveal the reverse what is said above. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

On Tajaka Sahams and impact on Natal charts

While analysing  natal charts ,  not many astrologers may be  studying about the impact of Tajaka sahams. These Tajaka sahams as per my obsevations help in revealing in depth knowledge about the native whose chart is under study. 

Here are some clues which i am enumerating after careful study of some considerable number of  charts :

A native who has Mahatmya saham in his natal lagna with the lagna lord favourably disposed and or aspecting the lagna, the native will be into good spiritual / religious sadhana in tune with the qualities of the lagna lord and will obtain siddhis for sure. Ofcourse, other factors and Yogas too should be supportive of this. 

If a native whose chart is under study has the mahatmya saham in his 5th house , with the fifth lord favourable disposed and aspected by naturally benefic grahas and forms raja yogas and or parivraja yogas then the children of the native will attain good siddhis through religious sadhana.

A native who has Jalapatana saham in his lagna with the conditions as afore said, then he will be continuously travelling overseas and will not be stay put. Of course most of the planets should be in chara signs and the lord of the saham should be well disposed with good strength and forming strong raja yogas.

A native who has lagna lord very near to roga saham unaspected by benefic planets,will have diseases all through his life. A native who has the 7th lord very near to his roga saham will beget a diseased spouse. 

A native who has Kali saham in his 6th house of the native chart with Ketu conjoined with the saham will have hidden diseases which will manifest all of a sudden with out allowing the native to take preventive care. 

A native who has Paradara saham in his lagna which is aspected by a malefic planet which has a strong say on the 7 th house affairs will be a womaniser. 

The Planet which is strongly aspecting the saham will sure give results of the saham while transiting over it. The same planet will give moderate results while it aspects the saham.

Like wise all the other sahams should be carefully studied to understand the native's chart in depth. 
Studying sahams will help in knowing  indepth, about the native and will help in giving sure shot predictions about the native. 

Relying On Ashtakavarga charts and the natal sahams will help in accurately understanding the native's life within no time and will allow to give good  predictions.  

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tajaka (Annual) Charts - Muntha in various houses

Muntha in the First House
If Muntha is in the first house or Varsha Ascendant, it will neither give auspicious nor inauspicious results. The year will be average on the whole. The Year is termed by some as Punarjanma year. Healthwise, Muntha in Ascendant is considered to be inauspicious. It may create unnecessary disputes and tensions in this house.

However, If the person works hard, conducts himself in the right path, the native will be able to attain high position and success in business. He gets support of high authority at workplace and achieves financial benefits, provides victory over enemies and good health.

Muntha in the Second house
If Muntha is in the second house of Varsha Kundali, a person may invest in new business ventures. Such a person works hard throughout the year. He tries to overcome all kinds of obstacles with his hardwork. He will succeed in doing so. Financially, there may be some obstacles and struggles. If the Dasa and Transits are supportive, his efforts will succeed into the acquisition of wealth, gains from business and trade, respect from one’s associates, favors from the opposite sex, good food, and governmental favors ensuring livelihood

Muntha in the Third House
Courageous efforts yielding wealth, general comforts,fovours from siblings acquisition of name and fame, success in endeavours, inclination to do good to others, availability of sustenance from the ruler. If Muntha is in the third house of a Varsha Kundali, a person succeeds because of his innovative ideas. He will be respected in the society. He will do something which will bring his name and fame in the society. However, Muntha in the third house will be inauspicious for personal relations. There will be disputes in the family. Relations with younger brothers will be bad and there will be a break up in the family. There may be court cases due to domestic disputes.
Muntha in the Fourth House
Muntha in fourth house is not considered to be auspicious. It gives mixed results.Mind may be restless. There may be some disputes in family on property issues. You may have to face struggles throughout the year. There may also be some health problems. You may suffer from body ache, respiratory problems, and tensions regarding enemies and so on. You may also be degraded due to false accusations.
Muntha in fourth house brings problems in your career or profession. Change of residence against your will and problems may increase because of this change.
Physical ailment, mental anguish, fears from foes, opposition from the near and dear ones, loss of wealth. Disgrace, displeasure of the ruler.
Muntha in the fourth house causes poor health and diseases. The native suffers from stress in relationship, misunderstandings and obstacles in work

Muntha in the Fifth House
Muntha in the fifth house provides pleasure of children and opportunities to perform religious works. The native gets benefits and respect from government. Benefits from knowledge and new tasks are also obtained by the native with Muntha in the fifth house.
Inclination towards good and pious deeds will be there. Birth of a child or happiness through the offspring, physical pleasures,comforts and rise in status.
Muntha in fifth house is considered to be auspicious. During this year, a person receives happiness and peace of mind. He also achieves success. Students are able to do well in examinations. A person’s children also succeed in life. Muntha in fifth house gives monetary benefits. A person gets opportunities to succeed in his profession and business. He is also well-respected in society. Fifth house is also known as a Dharma triangle. Therefore, a person may be inclined towards religious activities when Muntha is in fifth house. Such a person goes on pilgrimages. He may get married or be involved with other auspicious activities. The native will be fortunate during this period

Muntha in the Sixth House
Muntha in sixth house is considered to be inauspicious. Muntha in sixth house encourages a person towards unethical activities. Such a person may be involved with illegal or unethical activities. He may be involved in court cases because of disputes. There may be some bad thoughts in his mind. His may be degraded and disrespected in society. A person may also be irritated in life. He may be worried over petty issues. He is unable to have some peace of mind. Such a person may feel lazy and lethargic. There may also be headaches. A person may also be involved in unethical relationships. He may lose respect because of such relations.
 Fear from foes, thieves, and rulers, diminished body resistance causing proneness to illness, failure in undertakings, loss of wealth, perverted thinking, remorse, increase in the number of enemies, adverse results from well-intended deeds.
Muntha in the sixth house gives fear of theft, enemies, mental stress, liabilities, fear of court and accidents.
Muntha in the Seventh House
Muntha is not considered auspicious in the seventh house. It gives misunderstanding in relationships and conflicts with friends and siblings. Muntha in this house also gives loss in partnership, stress and diseases
Physical ailment, perverted thinking, loss of wealth, disappointment arising from the spouse, the business partners and the enemies, inclination towards bad deeds, disappointment, the likelihood of imprisonment.
Muntha is seventh house brings a possibility that a woman may fall ill. If the Kundali belongs to a woman, her husband may fall ill. During this year, expenses may rise. Brothers may cause some problems. There may be some domestic disputes. A person may be involved with unnecessary and fales court cases. He may also lose respect. Such a person is inclined towards non religious activities. He may not be very excited. Such a person may be involved with gambling. He may be unfortunate during this period.

Muntha in the Eighth House
Muntha in eighth house is also considered inauspicious. Due to Muntha in eighth house, you may be misguided from your path. You may incur monetary losses. There may be some losses in business. You may be inclined towards unethical activities. This may cause some monetary losses. However, you will also regret this later. Healthwise, you may face physical and mental problems. You may be physically weak and ill. You may also change your residence.
The Muntha here produces extremely bad results in the form of incurable illness, loss of wealth, quarrels, loss of physical strength and stamina, inclination towards mean deeds, dominance by enemies, displeasure of the ruler, losses in litigation, distant travel, change in the place of residence, and varied worldly discomforts and setbacks.
Muntha in the eighth house gives the fear of accident, disappointments, conflicts, court trials, fear of diseases and increased expenditures

Muntha in the Ninth House
Muntha gives good results in the ninth house. The native experiences success and financial stability. It gives good results in terms of job, career, business, and family life
Fulfilment of desires, inclination towards pious deeds, religious ceremony at home, favors from the ruler, happiness from the spouse and the offspring, increase in status and fortune, beneficial and fruitful journey.
Muntha in ninth house is considered to be auspicious. Due to Muntha in ninth house, you may be very fortunate. All your desires will be fulfilled during that year. If you run your own business, it will grow and expand. If you have a job, you may be promoted. You will be involved with auspicious and religious activities. You may also go on a pilgrimage. You will be well-respected in society.

Muntha in the Tenth House
If Muntha is in tenth house, a person may be promoted and honored by the Government. Such a person achieves success. He is able to fulfill all his desires. His business grows and expands.  Such a person gets famous and well-respected in society. Muntha in tenth house provides auspicious results to a person.
Muntha in the tenth house provides high position in the society. The native get all his desires fulfilled and attains fame and respect

Muntha in the Eleventh House
Mutha in the eleventh house provides pleasure of family life, support from friends, political success and benefit from commercial activities
If Muntha is in eleventh house, the year is auspicious from financial point of view. A person receives sudden monetary benefits this year. He also receives other monetary benefits from different sources. Such a person also receives some benefits from the Government. Money which he was unable to recover for some time will finally be paid. Such a person excels in life and acquires all kinds of happiness.
Muntha in the Twelth House
If Muntha is in twelfth house, it is considered to be inauspicious. It gives inauspicious results to a person. A person’s expenses may rise and even his savings may be spent. There are many obstacles in accomplishing tasks. A person may be involved with bad company. He may be restless. He may also be involved with non religious activities. Muntha in twelfth house may also cause some health problems.

Muntha in the twelfth house gives disease, fear of accidents, exile, court trials. It provides harm to the wealth and reputation of the native

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Exceptions to Nadi Dosha

1. If the couple is having same Janma Rasi but different birth stars, or same birth satr and different Janma rasis, then Nadi disha does not exist.The couple in these case will have excellent mutual understanding and love. However, couple have same Janma Rasi and same nakshatra padas is the cause of death.

2. Nadi dosha is seen particularly for persons belonging to Brahmin caste ( For those who are Purohits and do daily homas) . For people of other castes, Nadi dosha may not be considered.

3.Nadi Dosha does not exist even if the birth stars and padas of the couple are the same but of the following stars : -  Rohini , Ardra, Pushya, Magha, Visakha, Shravana, Uttara Bhadra and Revati.

4.If one of the Boy or Girl has Janma Nakshtra among the following stars, then Nadi Dosha is eliminated :- Ardra, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Visakha, Anuradha, Poorva Bhadra  and Revati.

5. The following pairs however are to be left if the couple have same Janma Nakshatra : - Krittika - Rohini ; Dhanishta-Satabhisha; Pushyami - Aslesha.

6. 100% compatibility in respect of Tara, Graha maitri, Yoni and Mahendra Kutas will remove Nadi Dosha

7. The following pairs if the Janma Nakshtras are falling in different signs will not cause Nadi Dosha : - Krittika - Rohini; Ardra- Punarvasu; Uttaraphalguni - Hasta; Purvabhadra - Satabhisha; Uttarashadha-Shravana even if the pair falls in the same nadi.

8.Nadi Dosha has to be considered only for arranged marraiges.

9. If Jupiter,Venus or Mercury is the common Rasi lords, then Nadi Dosha need not be considered.

10. If  MahaMrutyunjaya Pasupata homam is done along with donation of gold, gems, cow, grains, clothes and butter to Brahmins as per ones capacity, then Nadi Dosha is eliminated.

Marital compatibility with the partner with natal moon in 7th constellation - Some results

Result of marriage with partner who has natal moon in the 7th star
Birth Star 7th star Result if married
Ashwini Punarvasu Gives birth to many daughters
Bharani Pushyami Couple will live in affluence
Krittika Aslesha Unhappy Married life
Rohini Magha Many sons
Mrigashira Purva Phalguni Death & Pecuniary loss
Ardra Uttara Phalguni Happy Married life
Punarvasu Hasta Progress & Development
Pushyami Chitra Happy Married life
Ashlesha Swati Unhappy Married life
Magha Vishakha Wicked sons will be born
Purva Phalguni Anuradha Happy Married life
Uttara Phalguni Jyeshta Rancour between the couple
Hasta Moola Death & Pecuniary loss
Chitra Purvashadha Unhappy Married life
Swati Uttarashadha Birth of daughters
Vishakha Shravana Enimity between the couple
Anuradha Dhanishta Unhappy Married life
Jyeshta Satabhisha Ruin
Moola Purvabhadra Prosperity shall increase
Purvashadha Uttarabhadra Mutual affection
Uttarashadha Revati Enjoyments
Shravana Ashwini Couple shall separate
Dhanishta Bharani Unhappy Married life
Satabhisha Krittika Unhappy Married life
Purvabhadra Rohini Many sons
Uttarabhadra Mrigashira Widowhood
Revati Ardra Rancour between the couple