Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kamal Hasan – Will he make it to the CM’s chair ???

 Birth details :  Date : 07.11.1954 ; Time : 06.15 am; Place : Paramagudi, Tamil nadu.

The time of 06.15 am on 7th November , 1954 is widely in circulation. Chart prepared for the time has lagna in Libra with Exalted Saturn, Debilitated Sun and Mercury in it. Kamal Hasan is known for his good looks  in his younger times. He is being considered as a role model for many actors. He has a penchant for choosing variety of roles and entertaining the audience. He has grown to be a superstar of Indian Cinema with Blockbuster movies to his credit in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies. He is a renowned actor of our times.

He is a known atheist and terms himself to be a rationalist. He married twice to Vani Ganapathi and sarika  and had a live in relationship with Gautami . In one of the interviews he mentions that Director Balachander is more than his father to him as he is the one who recognised the actor in him and made him a super star.

Ascendant in Libra a Venusian sign ,with exalted Saturn within close degrees to the lagna gave him good looks, immense acting talent and unlimited mass appeal. Debilitated Sun in the lagna made him an atheist . His relationship  with Director Balachander more than with his own father is also the result of the debilitated Sun in the lagna. The same placement of Sun is also the cause of  ‘Hasan’ which is generally a Muslim name being given to him. Tamilians generally write their father’s name after their first name. But ‘ Hasan ‘ is included in his name in remembrance of his father’s friend. All this is due to the debilitated Sun in the lagna !!!

Libra  being the sensuous 7th sign of the Zodiac by being afflicted by naturally malefic planets gave his multiple marriages and relationships. 7th lord Mars in exaltation and being aspected by Jupiter a malefic  for Libra Lagna is another factor for his failed marriages. Moreover, Exalted Saturn in the Libra lagna is never good for marriage as per many astrological treatises and all the more so when Saturn is placed in Swati between 16.40 degrees and 20 degrees.

Saturn in exaltation forming Sasa Yoga, Mars forming Ruchaka Yoga , Jupiter in exaltation in 9th house are pillars of strength in his horoscope.
Fifth lord of  followers and Power is Saturn  in exaltation and is forming Sasa Maha purusha Yoga as mentioned. But will it support his political journey by giving success ??? 

In the Dasamsa chart which shows Profession and status of the person, Saturn is in debilitation and in the 12th house from the Dasamsa lagna. Saturn is also conjunct Rahu in Mesha . This combination is crucial in deciding his political success. Saturn debilitiated in the 12 th house indicates trouble from the law of the land, and this placement of Saturn will not be conducive for stability in his endeavours for the native. In the context of his Progress in political arena, he may be changing loyalties frequently and will make him a ayaram- gayaram type of politician.Rahu in conjunction with Saturn in this house will cause heavy expenditure and or public not accepting his leader ship.

Mars in the seventh house from the Dasamsa lagna forms the Ruchaka maha purusha yoga. Mars so placed and aspecting the lagna will give him volatile temperament and  aggression. He cannot effectively subordinate any other leader as he will always contradict with anybody who is in a position of control over him. However, the Mahapurusha yoga formed both in the Rasi chart and also Dasamsa chart makes him a natural leader with aggressive ideologies. He cannot be an conducive alliance partner. This placement of Mars makes him prone to mishaps in journeys or any public  gatherings which he should be utmost careful about.

On a study of the dasas running in his Dasamsa chart, Mars dasa is running currently and till November 2022 as per the Shastihayini dasa krama as Sun is in the Dasamsa lagna. This dasa will give him a position of power.  He will have a good run in Politics initially but will  loose popular support and will be subject to public ridicule later.

He should instead concentrate on his movies and refrain from entering politics is what i believe is good for him.

Monday, September 4, 2017

When Divinity descends on to Earth !!!!

Is there an astrological combination which indicates direct descent of divinity on Earth????
I bel opieve there is. It is When Pluto is eclipsed by Rahu or Ketu.

 Annamacharya was born when Pluto and the RK axis is conjunct in Taurus. Which is the second sign of the Zodiac. This sign signifies the throat of Kalapurusha !!!.

Sai Baba of Shirdi Was born when the Combination was happening in Pisces,the last sign of Moksha and Ultimate Liberation.

The Combination was aspecting the Ninth house of Rama Krishna Paramahamsa ,which is the house of Dharma one follows, when he was just about to take up priesthood of Dakshineswar Temple !!!

In the Horoscope of Ramana Maharishi,this combination happened in the Ninth house ,. in his early childhood along with Saturn transiting over his Bhrigu Bindu in the sign of Pisces.The sign of Moksha and Liberation .

The Same combination is the Cause of an Asteroid hit in Tunguska,Russia in 1908 and also explosion of an Asteroid over East Mediterranean in 2002.

The Same Combination is about to happen in Sagittarius in the year 2019 !!!!.
Saturn joins the Combination of Pluto Ketu .Saturn Ketu will be in degree conjunction for over 6 months continuously.This is the Combination which Changes the World order for the next few centuries to come
We will sure witness a great cleansing . We will see an Asteroid hit,Great wars , Use of Atom Bombs, A new Religious Order , A new Religious leader !!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Saturn's transit in Dhanu Rasi - Effects on various Raasis - Mithuna

Mithuna rasi natives will have Saturn transiting in their 7th house from their natal moon and will be Tamra moorthy all of this year which is not too encouraging.Saturn in Sagittarius will be in a neutral sign.
Any relations formed now will take time to mature.Relations will take time deepen for these natives during this period. 

Saturn in the 7th house from the natal moon aspects the 9th house which is its own sign this aspect makes the native more fortunate during this period.

The natives will have keen interest in religion now. There will be happiness through wife and children.

When Saturn transits between 6 deg 40 min and 20 deg the most of the natives of Mithuna rasi will get oppurtunities from abroad as Saturn will be aspecting Ardra, the constellation of Rahu.If there is a promise in the natal chart, the natives will get a good break abroad.

Saturn in the sign between 0 deg and 6deg 40 min will give good success to the elder brother of the native.

There might be some health problems to the spouse of native when Saturn transits moola.

Saturn while transiting in Poorvashadha may cause a temporary separation in marraige which may be involuntary.

Father of the native will have successful time during this transit of Saturn.

As the Saturn projects an aspect to the fourth house from the natal moon, Students will have a better time during this transit.

The aspect of Saturn on the fourth house may also negatively effect heart patients.

Mother of the native may have some negative impact. Relations with her might not be very congenial.

Real estate transactions should be done with care during this time.

Saturn's ashtakavarga score will matter much to come to conclusions always. If Saturn is with a strength of 4 or more BAV  and with a score of 28 or more SAV, then there will not be much negative effects.

If you are facing any negative effects of this transit. Perform Rudrabhisheka regularly, visit Lord Shiva temple regularly. 

Saturn's transit in Dhanu Rasi - Effects on various raasis - Vrishabha

Effects on Vrishabha Rasi natives :

Continuing on the topic of Saturn's transit in Moola, Vrishabha rasi natives will have Saturn in Moola in their 8th house from their natal moon.Saturn will be a Lohamurthy all of this year to the natives. 

This transit may cause some separations in the lives of some natives. There will be unsatisfactory partition of Inheritance. Health of the individual may be under pressure.

The Saturn will be projecting aspects on the third and Sixth houses from the natal moon. Both these aspects are good there will be gain in courage, name and fame. 

The transit will be good for the Profession of the  native as the Saturn will be aspecting the 10th house,his own house from the natal moon.The native may gain confidence of the Government or higher officers at his work place. 

There will be excessive work and will be stressful to the natives in this transit.

This transit some times may also result in some loss of money at the place of work due to theft or misappropriation by subordinates. 

There will be irreligious during this transit. The natives may trouble or bad mouth Gods and Gurus.This should be taken care of by the natives. 

This transit will be good for the elder brother/sister of the native. They will be having higher income and gains through their profession.

The spouse will be keeping things to herself in this transit of Saturn and will be an introvert.She might be mostly preoccupied with some serious concerns.

Eigth house transit of Saturn may lead to health troubles to the mother of the native. Relations with her will not be congenial.

Any how conclusions should be drawn only based on the Ashtakavarga strength of Saturn in Dhanu rasi.If Saturn is with strength of 4 or more in BAV and more than 28 in SAV then most of negative results will be absolved.

Redmedies: If you are facing any of the troubles mentioned above, please visit lord Shiva Temple regularly and perform Rudrabhishekas on a regular frequency.

Saturn's transit in Dhanu rasi - Effects on various Raasis - Mesha

Saturn entered Dhanu rasi on the 26th January this year. Lets see what effects Saturn will have on each of the rasis.

First on Mesha rasi : 
Saturn will be transiting the 9th house as Rajata Murthy which is generally good. On June 20 Saturn will go back into Vischika rasi and will stay there till October 25th.This may result in some change of place.Ninth house transit of Saturn is generally not too auspicious.However before coming to any conclusion on the effects of the transit, the ashtakavarga strength of Saturn in Dhanu rasi in the individual horoscope should be surely taken into consideration.

Mesha rasi people during this transit will acquire more knowledge about tradition,religion and Judicial affairs. They will be successful in some court cases if other factors like dasa and antardasa also indicate the same.

Saturn in the Dhanu rasi projects aspect to the 11th house from Mesha which is Aquarius. 

This aspect results in gains and success. The younger brother/sister of the native will be more fortunate during this period.

There will be professional gains as the placement of Saturn in the 9th house from Mesha being the lord of 10th house results in a Raja Yoga.

However, the transiting Saturn also projects an aspect to the 6th house from the natal moon which is Virgo.This aspect will cause health disturbance to the maternal uncle and may cause some obstructions to the affairs of the individual. 

Saturn while transiting the sign between 0 deg to 3.20 deg may cause health troubles to the individual.

If Rahu is placed in Dhanu Rasi in the natal chart, While Saturn is transiting over the natal Rahu, it may take the younger brother of the individual on a trip abroad.

Overall though there would be some professional gains due to the Raja Yoga effect, there may be some health troubles too for the Mesha natives.

Remedies: Chanting Hanuman Chalisa, visiting Lord Hanuman temple,Performing Rudrabhishekam will absolve troubles that may arise from this transit.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Sun and Mercury of Pulitzer award winning Ellen Goodman

This is the horoscope of  Ellen Goodman, the versatile Pulitzer prize winning American Journalist and Syndicated Coloumnist. I have some interesting references to make from two Astrology classics ,what they say about the placement of planets in her chart. She has her lagna lord Mercury debilitated in her 10th house of profession along with the third lord Sun. Mercury is in the constellation of Uttarabhadrapada and Sun is in the constellation of Revati. 

Surprisingly both placements indicate her profession to be writing and becoming an author.
Saravali says about the native becoming a Professional author if Mercury is in Uttarabhadrapada and Jyotish Makarand says the native will be an author if Sun is in Revati. 

Saravali, more explicitly says the native will write on Political issues,geography and governance. Ellen Goodman has spent most of her life chronicling social change and its impact on American Life. She has been a recipient of the prestigious Pulitzer awards and the Hubert H.Humphrey Civil Rights award . 

She received the award in the Dasa-antardasa of Jupiter-Rahu in April, 1980. Jupiter is the 10th lord of Career and position placed in the friendly 11th house of success and recognition.The antardasa was of a beneficial Rahu placed in the sign of Mercury, the natural karaka for writing and aspecting the 10th house.

Surprisingly, at the time of receiving the Pulitzer award in April,1980, the planets Jupiter and Saturn were transiting the third house from her Janma lagna.Both Jupiter and Saturn at this time were transiting over the Hora lagna,Sree lagna and the Ghati lagna. All the three were associated with the third house in her natal chart which is an another indicator of her being a versatile author. 

Following are the links to the data on  Astrodata Bank and Wikipedia :

Sunday, April 2, 2017

How is my day today ??? - Want to know ???

If you are attending an interview today or if you are negotiating on a property transaction or if you are planning to complete any unfinished task which is pending and if you want to know the outcome before hand as per your horoscope, mail your birth details and if you do not have your birth details mail me a number between 1 to 108. Will let you know the indications as per your birth chart and or the prashna chart. The charges will be Rs 250 per one question which you will have to send along with your question. You will get a straight answer immediately.

Following are my contact details and Bank account details :

Soma Sekhar Sarva
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Astrology Consultations

ఆరోగ్యము , విద్య , వుద్యోగం , వృత్తి , వ్యాపారం , వివాహమునకు సరియగు సమయము , కుజ దోష నిర్ణయము  , రాహు,కేతు ల కాల సర్ప దోషనిర్ణయము , అన్యోన్య దాంపత్యము, సంతాన స్థానమునకు  గ్రహ బలములు, రియల్ ఎస్టేట్ రంగము నందు పురోగతి , రాజ  యోగము , విదేశీ యోగము , ఇతర యోగముల నిర్ణయము ,ఖచిత లగ్న సాధన , నామ నక్షత్ర , జన్మ నక్షత్ర ఫలితములు, జప హోమాది రెమెడీస్ చేయించుకొనుటకు సంప్రదించండి : 

HORA SARVAM is a platform for those who intend to seek astrological readings and get advice on remedies from Me.
About me : I am into studying and researching into Parasharic system of astrology for the past 10 years.I have read considerable number of charts of friends,family members,collegues and others ,fixed Muhurthas for marraiges,upanayan ceremonies and matched horoscopes of number of prospective couples.
I intend to provide astrological consultancy at reasonable rates and assure prompt replies with in a turnaround time of 48 hours depending on the number of horoscopes to be studied.
I charge about Rs. 1000 per  reading

A portion of the money earned through this activity will be donated to an Educational Trust.
You can post your accurate Birth details and your question in brief and give me time as mentioned above, to reply you, the astrological indications in your chart and any remedies.

For a sample report which you get for a full life reading you can check at the following link :

Contact : Soma Sekhar Sarva
email : 
Phone No : + 91 96407 54054

Bank Account Details :

Savings Account No: 055710100091009 Andhra Bank , T.Nagar Branch,Chennai IFSC Code : ANDB0000557

Sunday, January 22, 2017

What does Saturn transit into Sagittarius on the 26th January 2017 has in store for you ????

Saturn is completing its transit in Scorpio and entering into Sagittarius after about 27 years on the 26th January. Saturn turns retrograde on the 6 th of April and returns to Scorpio on the 21st of June for a brief tenure before permanently transiting into Sagittarius . Saturn turns direct on 25th August 2017, stays in Scorpio and transits into Sagittarius on the 26 th of October,2017. In the process, Saturn activates some natal planets, Arudhas and some special lagnas !!!.

There will be important events close to the dates of Saturn turning retrograde and turning direct. The transit starts a new phase in every ones life and it effects each aspect of your life in a different way !!! 

People with Moon sign in Aquarius will have a great period ahead with the best transit of Saturn happenning in their 11th house of success and gains. There will be recognition, success, aggression, a second source of Income and fulfillment of wishes.

People with Moon sign in Cancer will have a good period ahead with another good placement of Saturn in their 6th house from their natal moon. They will have competitive success and a great recognition in society. There will be some health issues too which will be overcome eventually.

People with Moon sign in Libra will have a good period ahead while Saturn transits Sagittarius which is the third house from their natal moon.They will have more short distance travel during the period and will have more courage.

People who are born in Aslesha Constellation will have great financial gains and will have gain of a good Job !!! They will have gains from their subordinates.

People born in Ashivini constellation will have Unnecessary Travel across the country , Loans and Pressure for repayment.

People born in Mrigashira constellation will have Good gains of money due to their hard work and Gain of a good Job/Position.

To know what is in store for you in this transit, placement of Saturn from both your natal moon and the ascendant has to be studied carefully taking into consideration various factors like Ashtakavarga and Dasa- Antardasa and the placement of Saturn in your natal chart at the time of birth.

Contact me on 96407 54054 or email me at to know more. Will let you know the effects of this transit and also if any remedies that have to be performed.